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Are you tired of having to deal with complicated Excel spreadsheets, struggling to keep up with ever-changing parameters, and manually comparing your KPIs to uncover your next best deals? For real estate investors, the Excel nightmare is all too real. But fear not, there's a better way.


Say Goodbye to Excel Hell 👋

Hello to Streamlined, Informed Decisions 🚀

Whether you're a beginner taking your first steps into real estate or a seasoned commercial property investor, immocollab caters to your unique needs:

Revolutionize Analysis

Streamline real estate analysis and investment.

Simplify Data Entry

Eliminate data entry and spreadsheet hassles.

Powerful Collaboration

Access a collaborative platform for smarter decisions.

Invest with Ease

Make your real estate investment journey effortless.

How it works

Getting started in 3 easy steps


Input Property Information with Ease

Our smart application guides you through this process, making sure you capture every critical detail. From property specs to financials.


Analyze and Gain Profitability Insights

Step two is where you put your expertise to work. Dive into the data, customize your parameters, and let immocollab work its magic.


Collaborate and share with Confidence

But we didn't stop there. In step three, we've made collaboration a breeze. Compare and share your analyses seamlessly with partners and advisors.

Tailored Solutions for Every Investor

All our plan includes 10-day free trial. Cancel at anytime.

Monthly billing

Yearly billing

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/ month

For personal use with all the standard features.

  • common:Up to 10 properties
  • common:Up to 2 analysis scenarios
  • common:Share your analysis with 2 patners
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/ month

For personal or team collaboration with advanced features.

  • common:Up to 10 properties
  • common:Up to 2 analysis scenarios
  • common:Share your analysis with 2 patners

Why choose immocollab?

immocollab is designed to make your real estate investment journey smoother, more accurate, and more profitable. Explore these features and see why we're the smart choice for investors of all levels

Dynamic Parameter Management

Say goodbye to manual updates. Our software handles changing parameters, tax rates, and regional rules effortlessly.

Comprehensive Data Integration

Access rich, up-to-date and accurate real estate data sources for in-depth analysis.

Instant Analysis

Unlock immediate profitability analysis and investment insights at your fingertips for smarter investment decisions.

Visualize Your Strategies

Easily compare different investment strategies. Analyze financing options, property types, and holding periods.

Automated Reports

Generate professional investment reports with a click of a button.

Collaboration Tools

Share comprehensive analyses with partners, lenders, or stakeholders to streamline your decision-making process.

User-Friendly Interface

Intuitive and easy-to-navigate, even for beginners.

Mobile Accessibility

Analyze properties on the go with our app.


Answers to Your Common Questions

Don't let Excel hold you back from making the best real estate investments

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